Comprehension connections

I believe that great readers are great thinkers!  My mission has been to help children learn to “listen” to that little voice they have inside as they read.  It speaks to them…

In order to help my students hear their little voice, I’ve been paying closer attention to mine!

On my bookshelf sit Mosaic of Thought, Reading With Meaning, Guided Reading, Preventing Misguided Reading, Reciprocal Teaching At Work, Interactive Think Aloud Lessons, and many more.
My favorite by far is Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor.

Lately I’ve been reading more about “close reading” and am working with Falling in Love with Close Reading, Notice and Note, and Notebook Connections.

Of course because I have unlocked a passion for writing, connecting comprehension with written response is my newest target area in my classroom.  I recently discovered bContext (thanks Susan!) which I used to do some modeling for my students:

Character Analysis from The Lotus Seed

If you like the graphic organizers I used, here they are as freebies:

Event reel for characters

Poppin action character

How to analyze a character (using 39 Clues as sample text)


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