#DigLitSunday Digital Voice


When I think of “voice” in writing, I think of actually “hearing” the author speaking as I read their work. Student voice often comes through to me because I envision a conversation. I wish I had more time with my students to work on writing, but I am only “officially” a reading teacher for 3rd and 4th grade gifted students. With only one hour a day to spend with my precocious 8-10 year olds, I pack in everything I can.  So how do I integrate digital voice?

I take teaching discussion techniques very seriously. Children need to be taught how to have discourse: face-to-face and digitally. While I could write another post on ways I model face-to-face communication skills, I’m going to focus on digital discussion, and therefore how I promote students having a digital voice in my classroom. (On a side note, I explicitly teach 9 elements of digital citizenshipScreen Shot 2016-05-22 at 3.51.17 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-22 at 3.51.31 PM

As a Level 1 Certified Google teacher, I love the commenting features of #GAfE. However, when it comes to discussing text, my “go-to” tool is NowComment! NowComment is a free web-based application that allows teachers to turn documents into conversations! Let some former students show you how it works! Here’s an infomercial they did:


It is pretty easy to use! I love that I can not only work on response to reading skills but also teach digital citizenship.  Here’s a collection of helpful set up videos to help ‘convince’ you and get you started!


(The collection includes a lesson plan as well from ISTE’s Project ReImagined Library!)


Stay tuned… I’ll add more as NowComment is about to release some exciting new features very soon!


5 thoughts on “#DigLitSunday Digital Voice

  1. Question: Do the kids have to have email addresses to access and use Now Comment? If so, how do you handle this?

    • No email required! Put student names in a spreadsheet (I do first name in one column and last initial in another). Then save as a CSV file. Then upload the file into NowComment to add students. It will auto generate passwords, but I go in and change them to all the same password. We use a “universal” one for everything we need a password for. This video should be part of the collection link, but here’s a “how to”: https://youtu.be/UnGMCvI1u9I

  2. This is an exciting new tool to try out. I also love the graphic you created. Let me not forget to mention the dynamite video with #stuvoice, musicians, and dancers. This blog was presented beautifully.

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