5 thoughts on “#cyberPD and #DIYLiteracy reflections (ch. 5-6)

  1. And now a podcast?! Wow. Did you write about what you wanted to share first? Or are you winging it and chatting? Just wondering … You sound great and professional!

    I like the idea of “If/Then” charts, but I’m still wondering what kind of if/then charts will be helpful in my classroom. Any ideas that you are thinking about for your classroom that may spark an idea for my classroom? 🙂

    Tools are temporary. An important reminder! I’m like you meeting with multiple groups throughout the day. I create the same tool with each group as needed then synthesize to create one; or each group may have their own tool that they created. All depends on the needs and the tool.

    I know why your students learn by doing as well … take after their amazing teacher! I love how you dig in and try it all! Thank you for sharing, Heidi!

    • I did a little of both Michelle! I wanted to be sure that I keep each podcast to 15 minutes or less so I have been drafting out my ideas first before I record. The more I do, the more I drift away from my “script” and try to just be more conversational. It has been fun to experiment with. I’m looking to get my kids doing this with book talks, so I knew I needed to explore it myself!
      My first idea for if/then charts is what to do when you think you are “finished”. My students use a menu of choices to work from. I have main dish “must do” work, then side dish choices, “snack” options, and “desserts” that can only be explored if earned. So something like “If you want to do a ____ dessert, then you need to ____”. This is what I am envisioning for my first If/Then chart. Another option I’m considering is how to help students use text based evidence when talking about claims they make from texts.

  2. I love that these tools help our students help themselves when we are not available. The “learned helplessness” strategy of using ones time is the one I am always trying to figure out how to extinguish. I hate HATE when I look up from conferring with a student and find a line up of other students. That is probably my least favourite part of the start of the year. But I think these bookmarks, and the demo notebook are going to help with that.
    Love the podcast! 🙂

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