Digital Citizenship in Schools, 3rd Ed. Ch. 4 Reflections

Ch. 4 Professional Development Activities in Digital Citizenship:

Ironically I am planning PD with fellow teachers on Digital Citizenship and online safety, so these activities are extremely helpful. I did an in-service session for 3rd/4th grade teachers over a year ago and at the time, could only get colleagues talking, so I passed out the brochure I made for students on the nine elements and put them into random groups. First they went over the elements and discussed what they meant. Next I mixed the groups up and had everyone discuss which elements were most important for the ages we worked with. It was interesting to listen to the discussions, because each group brought up such important considerations. It became clear that there was really no way we could isolate just a few elements for our grade levels.

The bingo activity struck me right away and I made a version that I could use with colleagues but also with students. I did a Google drawing with the elements and then to the outside circles with descriptors. The circles can then be dragged and dropped on top of the “board” as a sort.

 Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 4.11.20 PM

The appreciation blog is a nice idea as well. I’m thinking Padlet might be a great alternative so that we could curate content to share ideas too. Like a “brag” board… we could take photos, video clips, and write comments in praise.  (Of course this would be great for students too!) Podcasting could be incorporated as well. I envision interviewing a teacher for a few minutes about something great that happened that day.

Perhaps the best way to get teachers “Tweeting” would be to show them how tracking a few hashtags, from 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom. I love how I can organize tags I follow using TweetDeck. #digcit is my newest addition!  It is here that I found the Teacher Self Assessment for Digital Citizenship!

For use of technology in education, I’ve done a presentation called “Put it on a screen…and readers are hooked!” Those I’ve shared it with have been very receptive to the variety of ideas I mash up. While some of the ideas are pretty simple, the focus is to see technology as a tool to access information and promote digital literacy.

While all of the ideas were pretty terrific, the one thing that really stands out is…when? When do we do this? It seems that getting staff together to collaborate and build on ideas is virtually non-existent. The PD I am about to provide is optional and is the week after we are out of school. Very few people have signed up to come. Until it is made a priority, time to do this is the biggest challenge we face.

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