Here are 10 picture books my classroom cannot live without! Picture books are PERFECT for gifted learners because asynchronous development often means that a child is capable of reading significantly above grade level texts, but texts on their “reading level” may not be appropriate for their age (in terms of content and topics). Picture books offer endless deep and critical thinking opportunities and for that reason, they are a MUST for my gifted reading classroom!

Thanks to Cathy at Read and Refine and Mandy at Enjoy and Embrace Learning for hosting this annual event!

(See #pb10for10 for the actual slide deck to access hyperlinked resources)


#pb10for10 (3)

#pb10for10 (4)

#pb10for10 (5)

#pb10for10 (6)

#pb10for10 (7)

#pb10for10 (8)

#pb10for10 (9)

#pb10for10 (10)

#pb10for10 (11)

#pb10for10 (12)

#pb10for10 (13)

#pb10for10 (1)

3 thoughts on “#pb10for10

  1. I love, love, love Two Bad Ants. Such fun for my little ones. His books are always fabulous for deep thinking; The Wretched Stone & The Stranger are two “go-to” books when I’m in older grades! Thanks for putting this list together!

  2. I enjoy all of his books and years ago did a lot of work with middle school students in response to Harris Burdick. I also have used Just a Dream as part of a unit about ecology. Thanks for posting your list:)

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