QR codes in texts

A year ago I got an idea to insert QR codes in texts to direct students to reflective questions as they read. My intent was to promote diving deeper into thinking about what they were reading.  This spring I tried something a bit different.

My 4th graders were reading Van Gogh Cafe by Cynthia Rylant. A short read filled with plenty to inspire inquiry and wonder. Each week the children would meet in small groups to discuss the most recent chapter. Prior to that reading I had them think more about the content by scanning a QR code at the end of the chapter. This code directed them to a Google form with 2-4 questions, aimed at thinking a bit higher on Bloom’s Taxonomy.  My children then entered their responses and these were instantly delivered to a spreadsheet for my review.  They loved responding in this way and I found it was incredible for assessing and tracking!

Here’s the code for chapter 5:

Van Gogh Cafe ch 5 QR codeTeacher Created Content Samples and Resources

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