“Some of us have to work tomorrow…”

This is my husband’s favorite thing to say to me in the summer.  He knows that I don’t really take summers off though! I may not use an alarm clock, but I’m usually working on at least 10 projects at a time.  My summer to do list:

  • Finish/submit chapter I am co-authoring with a high school teacher about online teacher created content
  • Dive into my role as a 2015 PBS Digital Innovator
  • Continue building/developing my PD course “Strategies for Gifted Learners”
  • Prepare 2 sessions for ISTE’s creativity playground (Can’t wait to go! Philadelphia June 28-July 1)
  • Prepare session and “poster session” for ILA (That’s in St. Louis July 17-20)
  • Polish 3 sessions for HighAIMS teacher workshop in August
  • Visible Learning book study with local teachers
  • Teaching Literacy in the Digital Age book study via ISTE
  • Webinars, Twitter chats…
  • Plan “modules” for students for next year so they can be more independent and self-directed
  • Get Google certified (and go over all the great stuff I learned at the Ohio Google Summit)
  • Create “help and how to” videos linked to auras (augmented reality) for students to access as they need it
  • Start planning for NCTE presentation in the fall

I did already read my first professional book: Digital Reading (NCTE publication) and WOW… already energized!


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