Common Core PD

Today we are diving into the common core.  From my notes, I have synthesized this info:

6 shifts

  1. K-5 equal balance between info and literary text; Gain shared rich knowledge in vocal
  2. Shift in instruction/share the burden: same theme in 6-12; science and history teachers take stronger role in reading and writing
  3. Advancement in reading= advancement in text complexity. Level of text difficulty they can master (far beneath in high schools than what is expected in college) MY question…how is this “career readiness”?
  4. Focus on text based answers; require carefully reading the text; what has gotten lost is careful analysis of the text and how much knowledge and evidence is gained from the text
  5. Writing from sources: narrative writing (opinion or your experience), argumentative (can you convey complex information clearly) Writing to argue or writing to inform
  6. Academic vocabulary is at the core and “true language of power”; crucial vocabulary is domain specific, academic vocabulary,

Read like a detective…write like a reporter: Read_detective_write_reporter