Digital discussions

We’ve had many days off due to snow and extreme cold.  It has left me missing my students so I experimented with some ways to collaborate digitally.  Here’s what I’ve got going on:

Ask 3 is a great app that allows for interactive collaboration. It is based on the idea of “ask 3 before me” so that students can learn from each other.  I’ve set up a general class board where I can set up a topic and then individual class boards where my students can create their own.  As a teacher I get instant updates when a student posts a comment.  And it is FREE!!!  All you have to do is set up the class and share the code.

Ask 3

The other tool I am using is a website called .  Create a teacher account, upload a document for discussion (cut and paste from a website is easy!), set it to private and invite those you want via email! Students can comment on sentences, paragraphs, or the whole document.

Getting to the core…

In an effort to create meaningful and relevant professional development for myself and my colleagues, I am putting together a “course” to examine the Common Core ELA standards for informational text.  Originally the plan was for contact hours, but after working out arrangements with Ashland University (OH) it is now a 1 semester hour course and I am now an Adjunct Professor.

Getting to the Core PD course overview

PD Bibliography