“You have a story to tell”

NCTE 2013 was an incredible experience!  Today as I open the packages of books that I had to have shipped back home I am reliving the experience.  If only I could have stayed longer… next year I will!

So Friday morning I had the privilege of attending a very special breakfast in honor of Donald Graves’ memory.  The more I learn about this remarkable man the more inspired I become.  I was first introduced to him through Lucy Calkins when I attended a workshop she gave.  I can’t remember the year and didn’t know it at the time, but it was the beginning of a shift in my thinking as a writing teacher.  At the breakfast I was surrounded by so many amazing Heinemann teacher-authors whose books line my shelves, sit next to my bed, and are stacked on my tables.  I didn’t get to meet them directly but did get to hear their tribute to Mr. Graves.  I was in awe.  And I hope someday to continue Donald Graves’ remarkable legacy through continuing his work.  I love listening and reading the stories my students have to tell.

Many thanks to the folks at Heinemann for inviting me and giving me the inspiration to share my story…

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