Using QR codes

As I was enjoying some reading of other teachers’ blogs, I came across a post about using QR codes.

So this got me thinking…what a fantastic opportunity!  I have learned that if I put it “on a screen” kids become more invested and excited.  And so that is when the wheels started turning.  What if I put QR codes into books for students to scan thought provoking questions as they read?  How cool would that be?

That is when the experimenting began.  And I came upon which offers the MOST amazing QR code generator!  You can create codes with colorful images.  Anytime I connect color and an image, the connection to memory is stronger and more powerful.  A HUGE thanks to my new friend Nevo at Visualead for helping me get the support to let my creativity take off! More to come as I start to launch some amazing projects using QR codes from Visualead! visualead icon

Check this out by scanning the QR code:

Depth Complexity Content Imperitive QR scan

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