Children Want to Write

This summer I discovered “Education Talk Radio” on podcast (found it on iTunes).  Many of the broadcasts were very interesting and I listened to an interview with Thomas Newkirk and Penny Kittle about Donald Graves, THE writing expert for elementary teachers.  They had recently complied a collection of some of Donald Graves’ work into one honorary resource.  It was interesting and so I just had to learn more.  I quickly ordered Children Want to Write from  I was not disappointed!  In fact, it was a motivating and inspirational read!

The text comes with a DVD of footage from Donald Graves’ work with children.  Even though the features are decades old, the lessons teachers can take from them are timeless.  One of the best parts (and clips) in my opinion was “Writing Floats on a Sea of Talk”.  Ironically, that fit so well with my thinking.  This past school year, I took a “sea” theme in my classroom and everything I taught my students seemed to flow into a “sea” of writing success.

I hope others discover this treasure!